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How Your Gut Flora Contributes to Anxiety

The symptoms of anxiety are awful. While everyone experiences anxiety a little differently, for most people it’s like a sense of dread that never fully goes away, but looms over you like a cold, wet blanket. For you, there may be periodic spikes in panic or fear that... read more

12 common foods you had no idea could trigger headaches

I freeze as a swarm of black clouds flood my vision. Reading and recognizing faces suddenly become difficult. A migraine is coming. As if in a dream, I fumble through the medicine cabinet. In my disoriented state, I can barely follow a conversation. I turn off the... read more

ADHD – What Does the Science Say?

ADHD – What Does the Science Say? 6.5 million children (in America) have been diagnosed with ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) and two thirds of those are receiving mind altering medication.” I know many friends and colleagues who help with ADHD... read more

New Superfoods of 2016

New Superfoods of 2016 1. Pitaya (Dragon Fruit): includes lycopene, which one study shows may reduce the risk of prostate cancer. 2. Freekeh:four times as much protein as the same amount of cooked brown rice. 3.Tiger Nuts: good for potassium and low calorie 4. Baobab:... read more

Milk Alternatives: Best one for you?

Milk Alternatives: Best one for you? Soy: Most likely made from genetically modified soy beans. High level of processing. Highest protein content. Contains vitamin B and has a low glycemic index. Rice: Usually sweetened. Low fat, higher in carbohydrates, lower in... read more