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Specific: Hormones

Background Information:
Almost 80% of women suffer some kind of hormone imbalance and 1 in 4 men over 30 have low testosterone.

An in-depth health check can help find problems before they start and/or uncover the cause of a long term condition. According to the World Health Organization, vitamin and mineral deficiencies harms at least a 1/3 of the world’s population. One of the best ways to undertake an in-depth health check is by measuring your hormones, vitamin and mineral levels, and your protein, carbs and fat intake, to find imbalances and underlying causes.

In an appointment with the UHC, we offer a urine and a saliva test:
So you know:
• Your body’s imbalances and how to correct them
• Your Hormone Imbalances
• Your Vitamin and Mineral deficiencies
• Your Protein, carbohydrate and fat absorption and digestion ability
• Any causes of long term conditions
To receive:
• A treatment protocol for any long term conditions and for your diet and lifestyle.

Here at The Ultimate Health Check, we use advanced medical technology to help identify illnesses and unresolved conditions TO obtain an overview of your body’s building blocks and their imbalances.

Package Breakdown:
Test Kit and Results
• The test kit is posted to your home and your results and treatment plan will be emailed to you
• Urine test for basic building blocks including Vitamins, Minerals, Amino acids, Neurotransmitters, Toxins, Digestive enzymes and Metabolism
• Urine and/or Saliva test for Hormone Imbalance: aggression, infertility, miscarriages, Menstrual irregularities, hot flushes, night sweats, loss of libido and other conditions
• Results of test and treatment plan based on your results including vitamins and minerals, healthy living, and existing conditions

Include Consultation
• Includes the above ‘Test Kit and Results’ plus:
• Whole body client health questionnaire
• 30 min initial phone consultation & 30min follow up phone consultation
• Understanding how your prescription medicines interact & the potential side effects
• Prescription for vitamins and minerals, healthy living, and existing conditions
• Treatment plan based on your whole body health questionnaire
• Recommendations for further tests including genetics, blood, urine, saliva and stool tests

Onsite Consultation
If you would like an onsite appointment then please email us on info@ultimatehealthcheck.com with your location. This will be an additional cost depending on your location and includes urine analysis, health composition tests, blood pressure, tongue, nail & eye analysis.