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‘The UHC Helps People who
have had Long Term Conditions and
who Haven’t Been able to Solve Them
People who want to
-be the healthiest they can be-'

**Experts in Ultimate Health and Diagnostic Testing**

Welcome to The Ultimate Health Check 

The Ultimate Health Check uses advanced medical technology
to help identify and treat illnesses and unresolved conditions.

Testing your current health and diagnosing future risks
via genetics, blood, urine, saliva, stool
physical examinations, screening and

Giving you an Ultimate Treatment Plan
for now and preventative health for the future.

– be the healthiest you can be –


Health Packages

Food Intolerance Package

Discover everyday foods that can affect you

Improve your health by understanding your food intolerances to eat well

Blood & Health Analysis Package

Health consultation
targeting your condition

Tailored diet, nutrition, food
healthy living advice
optimal whole body blood analysis
for up to 80 markers of disease


Digestive Stool Test Package

Identify and help Treat
Digestion Conditions

Irritable Bowel Syndrome
Bacterial & Fungal Growth
Immune Function
Stomach Issues, Digestion


Thyroid Test Package

Identify and help Treat
Thyroid related issues

Heart Disease,
Diabetes, Obesity, 
Sexual Health, Reproduction, 


Stress, Sleep and 

Ageing Test


DNA and saliva analysis for Optimal Health

Premature Ageing,
Infertility, Miscarriages,
Adrenal Fatigue, Insomnia, Depression,
Migraines, Cancer, Obesity



Ultimate MOT: Nutrients, Toxins and Hormones Tests

Discovering your Body’s Imbalances.

Testing Vitamins,
Minerals, Amino Acids,
Hormones Neurotransmitters,
Toxins, Metabolism




Ultimate Health Check


The Absolute Ultimate Treatment Plan.

Includes all health packages
testing your blood,
urine, saliva,
stool and genes



If you have a long term condition you haven’t been able to solve and/or
thinking about The Ultimate Health Check Package
then please click the button below
and enter a description of your symptoms
and/or why you are interested in The Ultimate Health Check Package.


Health Consultations 

Diet, Lifestyle and Health Advice Consultation

The simplest, best and cheapest way
to obtain a Functional Medicine
Diet, Lifestyle and Health Advice Consultation

Advice on the best Health Direction that is personal to you


What Client’s Say

“After undertaking the Mini MOT and a few other tests, the Ultimate Health Check discovered what was causing a skin condition that I’ve had for the past 30 years. After taking the supplements prescribed it has nearly cleared for the first time ever. This is after consulting with many hospitals, allergy clinics, Harley Street and even Dr’s in Switzerland and the Middle East. Amazing result!”

Laura from Neal’s Yard Remedies – Skin Condition


“The Ultimate Health Check’ not only provided a treatment plan including an extensive list of health test results, diet, lifestyle advice, supplements and herbal recommendations; they also explained the link between my symptoms and my deficiencies revealed by my test results. I now no longer suffer from depression, insomnia, or low libido.”

Danielle a Teacher – Depression, lack of Sleep, low libido, hair loss


“I am a fitness instructor and I decided to book an appointment with the Ultimate Health Check to further understand how I could be healthier and was interested in the tests offered. I undertook the Food Intolerance Test and it showed me my intolerances and the link between that and my problems that were reoccurring. By reducing and then substituting certain foods shown from the results, my problems have reduced dramatically, making my body feel comfortable internally and significantly healthier.”

Ryan from Taylor Elite Training – Irritable Bowel Syndrome


“Just wanted to say thank you for a great treatment plan ….have been on it now for several weeks and have absolutely noticed an enormous difference in my symptoms. The stomach is much better and the digestive system is regulating itself. My pains in the joints and migraines have disappeared and I feel more energetic. Health massively improved. People commenting on my weight loss and I am so happy!! It’s become almost second nature and I don’t miss the things I used to crave.”

Shanee a Lawyer – Weight loss, Migraines and Joint Pains