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These Health Partner products are products that we either use ourselves and/or recommend to our clients and, in our opinion (which is extremely fussy), are top quality, highly professional products. Our Health Partners may contain links that support us to produce valuable content at no cost to you. While the Ultimate Health Check may earn minimal sums when you use the links, you are in no way obligated to use them.

To order, simply click on the ‘Click to Buy’ button under the relevant Health Partner and the discount will be automatically generated or it will provide a code for you to use. This will take you to the ordering page and once completed the health products will be posted to your home address thus saving you the hassle of going to a store and it also provides you with a discount on top-quality health products.

– Be the healthiest you can be –

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‘Food Based’ Practitioner Supplements

Vast Array of Different Supplements

35% Discount on First Order


ECZ Pack


Top-Quality Immune support

Vitamin, Herbal & Mineral Supplement: Echinacea, Zinc, Vitamin C and D

20% Discount on Orders




High-End Health Equipment

BP monitor, Scales, Sleep Cycles & Apnoea Detection, Heart rate monitoring, Watches

Varying Discounts




Smart Watch: Activity, Sleep and Heart Rate Monitor with Phone Notifications

Varying Discounts



Gold Collagen


Collagen for Anti-Ageing

Skin, Hair and Nails

Varying Discounts



Big Green Smiles


The widest range of Health Products

Natural Cleaning Products & Healthcare products

Varying Discounts



Brook Plant Based Kitchen


Restaurant Quality Plant Based Food Delivered 

From Jackfruit Rendang to Coconut Dhal

Varying Discounts