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Blood and Health Analysis

Background Information:
Why have a Health and Diet Check Up? Your body has to endure a variety of stresses on a daily basis and in order to make sure everything is still working correctly, a fully comprehensive blood test is the simplest and best way to check.

Unfortunately, nowadays GP’s may say your blood results are normal when they rarely are normal. There are two types of blood test ranges: functional range and optimal range. The functional range is used to diagnose if you have a disease. You are either functional or dysfunctional and have a disease.
The optimal range is a narrower range and is used to see if you are heading towards a disease. This allows treatment prior to being diagnosed dysfunctional and with a disease.

The best way to undertake a good health check is via an optimal fully comprehensive blood test by a private diagnostic company, like the UHC.

In an appointment with the UHC, we provide a blood test and other onsite tests:
So you know:
• Your optimal blood levels for up to 80 important markers of disease
• What body systems are out of balance before they are in dysfunction/disease.
• If you do have a disease/condition
• What to do to help correct these imbalances and/or conditions
To receive:
• A comprehensive 20 pages plus blood report that contains your actual results
• A Treatment Plan for health and diet changes, and
• Onsite tests including BP, body composition, BMI, tongue, nail and eye analysis, urine analysis and zinc analysis (if you are not an online appointment).

Here at The Ultimate Health Check, we use advanced medical technology to help identify illnesses and unresolved conditions TO provide an in depth extensive health check to correct imbalances before they become conditions.

Package Breakdown:
Test Kit and Results
• The test kit is posted to your home and your results and treatment plan will be emailed to you
• Blood analysis and report for up-to 80 blood biomarkers covering gastro-intestinal, immune, adrenal, kidneys, liver, gallbladder, bone, cardiovascular, hormones, lipids and fat, acid-alkaline, inflammation, blood sugar, allergy, red blood cell, heavy metals, toxicity, and electrolytes
• Results of test and treatment plan based on your results including vitamins and minerals, healthy living, and existing conditions

Include Consultation
• Includes the above ‘Test Kit and Results’ plus:
• Whole body client health questionnaire
• 30 min initial phone consultation & 30min follow up phone consultation
• Understanding how your prescription medicines interact & the potential side effects
• Prescription for vitamins and minerals, healthy living, and existing conditions
• Treatment plan based on your whole body health questionnaire
• Recommendations for further tests including genetics, blood, urine, saliva and stool tests

Onsite Consultation
If you would like an onsite appointment then please email us on info@ultimatehealthcheck.com with your location. This will be an additional cost depending on your location and includes urine analysis, health composition tests, blood pressure, tongue, nail & eye analysis.