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Health Retreats

If you would like to offer a Health Retreat at your Spa or Resort then please email us for more information

Health Retreats

Weekend Spa Retreat

* A Health Package of your choice:

a. Food Intolerance Package or 

b. Blood and Health Analysis Package or

c. Thyroid Health Package or 

d. Ultimate Health MOT Package

Each package includes 2 consultations, whole body health questionnaire, prescription, diet analysis and advice, health & lifestyle advice, supplement & drug analysis and advice, the test/s, the test’s results and the treatment plan.

* 3 x 45 minutes interactive presentations including:

1. Sleep: Is lack of sleep making you ill?

2. Thyroid: Is your Thyroid working properly?

3. Food intolerance: Autoimmune connection?

For more information on each health package and/or presentation then please go to the Home page or Presentation page.


Overseas Yoga and Healthy Food and Functional Medicine Eco-Resort Retreats

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