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If you would like the Ultimate Health Check to give a presentation at your work for your employees, as a Health Day or otherwise please email info@ultimatehealthcheck.com or Click ‘Email Now’ button below.

Each presentation is about 1/2hr to 45 minutes and is interactive so everyone gets the most from it along with taking away personal health advice.

Popular Presentations include:


Is lack of Sleep making you ill?

- Statistics of Sleep

- Types

Causes & Symptoms

- Hormones & Chemicals

- Tests, Treatments & Conventional Medicine gaps


Thyroid Disorder

Is your Thyroid working properly?

- Where & What is it

- Function & Impact

- Hyper & Hypo

- Management, Tests & Conventional Medicine gaps


Food Intolerance

Autoimmune Connection?

- Difference between Allergy and Intolerance

- Leaky Gut Syndrome

- How it can be Managed

- Tests for Gastro-Intestinal Issues

Migraine Headaches

Exploding head?

- Difference between Migraine and Headache

- What is it

- Causes & Symptoms

- Tests, Treatment & Conventional Medicine gaps




Do you feel Depressed?

 What is it

Symptoms & Causes

- Tests, Treatments & Conventional Medicine gaps




Are your Hormones making you crazy?

- What is it

- Causes & Symptoms

- Tests, Treatments & Conventional Medicine gaps


Top 10 Killers

Cancer, Diabetes, Alzheimers...

What are they and Definitions

- Causes & Symptoms

- Tests, Treatments & Conventional Medicine gaps


Weight Loss and Anti-Ageing

Top Tips

- Causes and top tips for weight loss & anti-ageing

- Tests, Treatments & Conventional Medicine gaps



Food Choice & Anti-Aging

- Salt, Cholesterol and Serotonin 

- Anti-oxidants, Anti-ageing nutrients and Antioxidants Recipes

Living Foods

Superfoods, Phyto-chemicals and Antioxidants

- Superfood examples

Sprouted Seeds


Going Shopping

Labels, Medical Claims and E-Numbers

- Food additives, Herbicides and Pesticides

- Organic and GM


Natural Skincare

Skincare Routine

- Common Skin Complaints