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About Us

The Evolution of Medicine
Conventional medicine compared to Diagnostic medicine

According to The World Health Organisation the main causes of disease and death are no longer acute infections like HIV/AIDS (1.5 million in 2012), TB and Malaria, although still massive killers. It is the chronic diseases like cardiovascular (heart and lung), cancer and diabetes. 38 million in 2012 alone, that are now the top 3 causes of death worldwide. Conditions such as asthma, food intolerances, eczema, and autism have all doubled and in some cases tripled in numbers since the 1980s.

On average it takes 18 years for new information to work its way into conventional medical education and the average time of a GP appointment is 7 minutes. Why is this?

The conventional medical system was set up to deal with acute and urgent medical conditions. Things like heart attacks, broken bones and acute illnesses. The focus is on treating the symptoms in the short term and the type of drug prescribed is usually the same for everyone with the same disease. It’s a one size fits all prescription. As far as it goes It is a good system considered within this scenario.

Diagnostic medicine, on the other hand, is about Ultimate Health which means three crucial things:

Firstly: finding the cause of chronic and acute conditions using cutting edge diagnostic scientifically proven tests
Secondly: looking at the whole body as being interconnected
Thirdly: by providing an individualised treatment plan.

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Deboran Cann

Hi, my Name is Deborah Cann and I’m the founder of The Ultimate Health Check.

About 20 years ago, I was hit by a car whilst cycling which left me unable to walk, speak, see or even smell. The accident left me with continuous migraines and back seizures which made life very hard for myself and my family.

One day, I discovered Astanga yoga which helped me slowly recover by building back my core strength and improve my flexibility. After regaining my strength and ability to move again, I focused on finding a solution to my migraines and to become the healthiest I could be. I became interested in complimentary medicine. This started with eastern medicine which lead me to herbal medicine, then nutritional medicine then naturopathy and then diagnostic medicine.

Today I am a qualified and experienced nutritionist, herbalist, Eastern Ayurvedic practitioner, naturopath and diagnostic practitioner. I have also worked as the main support practitioner for a diagnostic hub that linked major well-known diagnostic companies around the world. During this time, I gained valuable knowledge of thousands of diagnostic tests where private practise doctors would call me to discuss which tests would be best for their clients.

Whether you are a local GP, a nutritionist or an herbalist we are trained to discuss and focus on your symptoms.

At The Ultimate Health check, we use a different approach that everyday medical practises are not currently using. So what separates The Ultimate Heath Check from the rest? We understand that discussing your symptoms is an important factor for treatment,

However, we are focused on diagnosing and finding the cause to improve your overall health.