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Top 11 Herbal Teas with Amazing Health Promoting Actions

Want a quick way to know what are the top 11 herbal teas and their primary amazing health giving actions so you can know in an instance which herbal tea to buy for you? Would you like this information backed by research? 

I drink different herbal teas throughout the day depending on how I am feeling. 

Top 11 Herbal Teas with Amazing Health Promoting Actions

Top 11 Herbal Teas with Amazing Health Promoting Actions: Chamomile tea (sleep aid), Peppermint Tea (digestive aid), Ginger Tea (anti-inflammatory aid), Hibiscus Tea (heart aid), Echinacea Tea (immune aid), Sage Tea (brain Aid),… Share on X

1. Chamomile tea 

One Main Action: Sleep Aid


2. Peppermint Tea

One Main Action: Digestive Aid.


3. Ginger Tea

One Main Action: Anti-Inflammatory Aid (e.g. Nausea / period pain)


Ginger Tea: Research shows that ginger tea may also inhibit serotonin receptors, thus decreasing nausea and stress: Share on X

4. Hibiscus Tea

One Main Action: Heart Aid (e.g. blood pressure)



It shouldn’t be taken with a certain diuretic medication or at the same time as aspirin.

5. Echinacea Tea

One Main Action: Immune Aid (e.g. infections)

Echinacea Tea: Research: boost the immune system, which could help the body fight off viruses or infections: Share on X

6. Sage Tea

One Main Action: Brain Aid (e.g. Memory)


7. Rose Hip Tea

One Main Action: Anti-Ageing Aid (High in Antioxidants, Vitamin C and E) 


Rose Hip Tea:Reduced the depth of wrinkles around the eyes and improved moisture and skin elasticity of the face: Share on X

8. Passionflower Tea

One Main Action: Anxiolytic Aid (e.g. reduces anxiety)


9. Green Tea

One Main Action: Weight Loss Aid


Green Tea: Help to accelerate weight loss by boosting metabolism and encouraging the breakdown of fats—rather than glucose—into energy: Share on X

10. Turmeric tea

One Main Action: Anti-inflammatory (e.g. Osteoarthritis)


11. Liquorice tea

One Main Action: Respiratory Aid (e.g. sore throats, reflux)


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